LED Projectors

Our wide family of LED projectors makes it possible to choose the most suitable for your needs. You can find them grouped in the following subfamilies:

Outdoor IP65: Projectors suitable for outdoor installation, even in high humidity environments. Its projection distance is 5-6 m, and its warranty is 2 years. IEE: A ++

IP67 sources: Valid for installation underwater with a constant immersion. The durability of the led is 30,000h and the projector warranty is 2 years. They have the possibility of vertical or horizontal support.

These projectors are compatible with any RGB / PWM regulation system. IEE: A ++ 12V models and A 24V models.

Explosion-proof: Mandatory use in quarries, gasifiers, oil rigs or any installation where a spark-free projector is required. The durability of the led is 50.00h. Your warranty is 2 years. IEE: A +.

High efficiency modular: ideal product for outdoor to illuminate parkings, fields or sports facilities. The wide variety together with the modularity makes its use viable in any project, be it of any size. The warranty of these projectors is 5 years. IEE: A ++.

Linear: ideal for installation in buildings, facades, pavilions, gyms, clubs, villas … If a design plus is required, its use is practically mandatory. Compatible with any RGB / PWM regulation system. 2 years warranty. IEE: A

Supermarket: Luminaire specially designed for supermarkets and large department stores.Designed with an auxiliary safety rope. Allows the continuous connection between them. With  3 years warranty IEE: A +