IP65 Luminaire

Perfect luminaries for the replacement of traditional fluorescence in garages, workshops and other environments. The same screen includes the PCB board with the LEDs and the power supply, so the replacement of the traditional luminaire is very simple. Functional design with  homogeneous distribution luminosity.It has an internal constant current source and isolated for a long duration.It does not emit UV, nor IR and is mercury free to keep away the insects and to keep the environment clean.Its useful life is 30,000 hours and have  2 years warranty. IEE: A. Comply with the directives EMC 2014/30 / EU – 2006/95 / EC and with the standards EN60598-1 / A11: 2009, EN60598-2-1: 1989, EN62493: 2010, EN62471: 2008.