The bulbs E27 and E14 are the most used in lamps and wall lamps.

In this case our bulbs are dimmables by the GTUNIFI regulation, so it is possible to perform different actions with them depending on the model, such as:

  • Remote start and shutdown.
  • Light shade selection, cold, neutral or warm
  • Color selection to create the desired environment.

They do not emit UV nor IR and are free of mercury to keep the environment clean. Its useful life is 25,000 h and its IEE: A + .

With 2 years warranty, they comply with EMC directive 2014/53 / EU and with standards EN62479: 2010 EN55015: 2013 / A1: 2015 EN61547: 2009 EN61000-3-2: 2014 EN61000-3-3: 2013 EN62560: 2012 / A1: 2015 EN62493: 2015.

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